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[Walkthrough] Shall We Date: Magic Sword - Ray (Sweet Ending)


These are just the right answers to get Sweet Ending , feel free to experiment. Feel free to share this, no credit required although certainly appreciated. Someone had posted Happy Ending so I only post Sweet Ending for 3 Character :3. Shall We Date: Magic Sword have 3 endings: Sweet Ending, Happy Ending and Normal Ending. :D

"I’ll become a good ruler
Is it bad that I overheard?
I’m relly bad at cooking, huh?
Ray, stop attacking
I’m with Estiel
Look away
Say what’s on your mind
Ray, do you love someone?
I’m curious
It’s not hard
About last night
Scream for all you’re worth
It wasn’t a dream
Pinky promise
Would I look all right?
Please be gentle
I love Ray
Stop him
Believe in me

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